Apr 26, 2022
Why should you work with us?

Looking for a change?

Husain Rokadia
HR Business Partner

Why should you work with us?

• We are the first with an office on Mars

• We don't call in private investigators to spy on you if you call in sick

• We like to re-enact hunger games every 6 months

Only 1 of the above is true. If you guessed the second option, you win!!

At Binaryveda, we have a strict no questions asked leave policy. You call in sick, you get a sick leave. You have a very critical non-work task? We got you covered!

We understand that the people working for us have lives outside of their work. We also understand that work cannot always beg a higher pedestal, so we do our bit in helping our employees maintain a balance.

Think of us more like a group of friends looking to grow together and enjoy what we do than a company looking forward to quarterly reports. Job descriptions don't limit us and our association doesn't stop at just work. We encourage our peers to grow by creating their own content, their own apps, their own blogs.

So, hit us up if you want to work with one of the few awesome places that offer you this and much more!

PS: Hopefully that Mars office also happens soon enough!