Strong craftsmanship & service.

Stronger values.

Biju Chandran

Founder & Director

After years of navigating the software development industry, when our founder, Biju Chandran decided to go all in, he promised to implement his most important learnings & beliefs.

If you want to make stand out digital products:

Quantity will never win over Quality.
Customer Experience comes first, always.

Our first rule of business:
We go beyond the line of duty

Passion, Customer Experience & Quality aren't buzzwords to us.

Our second rule of business:

Our work should speak for our value system & dedication.

Binaryveda emerged out of the idea of crafting digital products that make a difference.

That difference could be through exquisite engineering or flawless design.

Through building for brands that create impact in the world or developing products that stand the winds of time.

Going Boutique gave the team the choice to build out of love for the art.

And products built with care, personalization and precision are not made in mass manufacturing units.

They're built in studios run by people, fueled by passion, just like, Binaryveda.

Why go boutique?