Jan 7, 2022
What has UI/UX been up to?

How changing user interface and user experience dictate workflow

Nakul Singh
Content Writer

We have observed a current deluge of jobs with the title containing UI/UX. This is a field gaining exponential traction year on year. The first person to hold this title was Don Norman, in 1993, when he was hired by Apple as their User Experience Architect. Many trends are going to impact UI and UX in the coming year i.e. 2022.  

UI Trends

1. Dark Mode theme making a comeback

2. 3D Animations and graphic-intensive applications to cap on high net speeds

3. An increasing variety of screen sizes to customise apps to, including large and small screens

4. Focus on de-cluttering and simplifying applications

5. Creation and utilisation of design systems and libraries

UX Trends

1. Making sure products are inclusive and accessible by all

2. Remote and work from home conditions to promote AR and VR as useful B2B tools

3. The impending metaverse by Facebook

The important thing to remember is that these trends might evolve into something different as the year goes on, But UI/UX is here to stay and warrants a great chunk of focus and attention.