May 18, 2022
WFH, we tried and we recommend!

A personally tested recommendation on working style

Nakul Singh
Content Writer

At Binaryveda, we are sold completely on the idea of a remote work set-up. Our team is present across the entire nation and even beyond.

What we have realised is that remote work is working wonders for us. Our productivity levels haven't dipped, rather increased. We have made changes and established procedures to ensure work isn't hampered.

1. Dedicated work channels for different scope of work.

2. Channels specifically for informal/light-hearted communications where having fun is the only rule.

3. Workshops and group activities on Saturdays. Just because we are physically separated, doesn't mean we have to stay out of touch.

4. Did we mention off-site trips and activities regularly?

What's more, we have realised the pros of a remote work set-up and are more than delighted to continue down the same route.