Aug 25, 2022
One App to rule them all

Jack of all trades and master of all?

Biju Chandran

A 'super app' is a mobile first platform developed by a company offering various services under one umbrella.

A country becomes super app-ready when its large base of the population is smartphone first instead of desktop. The public launch of Jio in 2016, spearheaded India's place into that league.

The concept was first introduced in China and South East Asia, where companies like WeChat, Gojek, Grab etc. realised that they could leverage their existing customer base who had originally come to their platform for social media or messaging, by offering them satellite-services within the same platform.

Conglomerates worldwide, who have a wide and long portfolio of services have taken special interest in this concept of Super Apps. The consolidation of their services in one place, increased revenues, unadulterated insights on customer behaviour and better control over the projection of their brands, are what they are set to gain by investing into building this digital asset.

In India, along with Reliance's Jio platform and Paytm, Tata has also thrown their hat in the ring last year, announcing their plans to launch a Super App. The competition of the giants are going to be fierce, but maybe not without hurdles.