Oct 26, 2023
MongoDB.local Bangalore and Delhi Recap

A Collaborative Journey into the Heart of Modern Database Technology

Shashank Rajak
Lead Backend Engineer

The cover picture is CC Image courtesy of Garrett Heath on Flickr

In the rapidly evolving landscape of engineering, staying updated with the latest trends and innovations is imperative. MongoDB, a leading NoSQL database, is at the forefront of reshaping data management. Recently, three of us Backend Engineers - Mayank, Prakhar and yours truly - had the privilege of attending MongoDB.local events in Bangalore and Delhi, where we immersed ourselves in the world of cutting-edge database technology. In this collaborative article, we share our insights, key takeaways, and experiences from these enlightening events.

Embracing the Future of Data

The events kicked off with inspiring keynote speeches that highlighted the pivotal role of MongoDB in reshaping the future of data management. We were introduced to the power of flexible schema design, real-time analytics, the role of artificial intelligence in modern application development and the importance of scalability. MongoDB's representatives elucidated how these features empower businesses to adapt to changing requirements seamlessly.

Madhusudhan, CTO of Ambee, sharing some great insights

Real world use-cases

One of the standout features of MongoDB.local was the real life use-cases shared by some leading companies using MongoDB in their tech stacks. Companies like Canara HSBC Life Insurance, Zomato, Ambee, Magic Pin, TATA AIG shared how they are innovating using the NoSQL MongoDB database. The flexible schema design, atlas search are few of the features which were common among all of these use cases. Learning from real-world use cases, especially from industry leaders, offered invaluable insights into the challenges and solutions in implementing MongoDB effectively.

Zomato's tech universe

Deep Dives into Technical Sessions

One of the standout aspects of MongoDB.local was the diverse range of technical sessions. From beginner-friendly workshops to advanced deep dives, the events catered to professionals at all levels of expertise. We delved into topics like data modelling best practices, query optimization techniques, and explored real-world use cases that showcased the versatility of MongoDB in various industries.

A super witty session on data modelling by Gobind Deep Singh

The NoSQL data modelling session for MongoDB was informative and useful for developers especially coming from the SQL world. It helped setting the foundational knowledge while dealing with data in a NoSQL database like MongoDb, where the objective is to keep the data which is accessed together in a single place and avoid joins which all of us are very used to using in relational databases. Also this approach leads to data replication which if any SQL developer could hear us saying would be a cardinal sin, since SQL based databases promote normalisations to reduce data redundancy.

In one of the further sessions,  MongoDb announced the release of queryable encryption from MongoDB version 7.0.  Queryable Encryption enables a client application to encrypt data before transporting it over the network using fully randomised encryption, while maintaining queryability of the data. Sensitive data is transparently encrypted and decrypted by the client and only communicated to and from the server in encrypted form. This is a great addition to MongoDB considering the increased importance of data privacy and protection in the digital world.

One of the buzzing sessions was based on implementation of an AI based solution using MongoDB. They have introduced vector search which allows us to build semantic search and AI-powered applications by integrating the operational database and vector search in a single, unified, and fully managed platform with a MongoDB native interface that leverages large language models (LLMs) through popular frameworks.

Interactive Workshops and Hands-on Labs

Both events featured interactive workshops and hands-on labs that allowed attendees to gain practical experience. There were hands-on labs by AWS and Studio 3T on how to utilise their platforms to build solutions on MongoDB. These immersive workshops provided valuable insights that are directly applicable to our daily work.

Networking and Knowledge Exchange

Beyond the enriching sessions, MongoDB.local events provided ample opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange. Engaging with fellow professionals, sharing experiences, and discussing challenges opened new horizons for collaboration. The vibrant atmosphere facilitated insightful conversations and sparked innovative ideas.

Key Takeaways and Implementable Insights

Reflecting on our experiences, we identified several key takeaways that are directly implementable in our projects. From enhanced data security practices, leveraging MongoDB Atlas for cloud-native applications and building AI based solutions,  the events equipped us with practical knowledge that will undoubtedly elevate our development processes.

This is us lapping it up @local :)


Attending MongoDB.local events in Bangalore and Delhi was a transformative experience. The knowledge gained, coupled with the connections made, has not only broadened our understanding of MongoDB but has also inspired us to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of data management. As we integrate these learnings into our work, we are excited about the innovative solutions that will emerge, shaping a more efficient and dynamic future for our projects. We at Binaryveda are already using MongoDB in our projects to build solutions for e-Commerce, Automotive IoT, Healthcare, Fintech and much more.  We look forward to harnessing the latest advancements in MongoDB in building the next generation of digital solutions.