Sep 23, 2022
Is the future bright or doomed?

Should the Figma takeover be welcomed or questioned?

Nakul Singh
Content Writer

In 2011, Figma was started for making creative tools for the browser.

The game changer was the ability to work in collaboration on the same file instead of the age old passing the saved file around to collaborators. Experts likened it to having the same impact on design as Google docs did for word processing. It was the people's choice. The devs always listened to feedbacks and were quick to implement fixes and changes.

Fast forward to 2022 and Figma has recently been acquired by Adobe for 20 Billion USD, roughly amounting to 50 times the projected sales of Figma for 2022. This raises a few concerns:

• The biggest concern among designers is Figma losing its soul.

• Questions are being raised as Adobe is effectively eliminating competition in the design space and establishing a monopoly hold on the market.

• Designers are worried about whether the things that made Figma great will continue to exist or if it will slowly be phased out of existence and incorporated elsewhere.

All the critics agree that they would love to be proven wrong and see Figma develop into something even more beautiful!

Only time will tell, whether it happens.