Feb 10, 2022
Give in to the dark side

Dark mode is such a hit these days. Learn more about why it is almost a norm

Nakul Singh
Content Writer

You would be surprised to know that dark mode was the norm on early CRT Monitors. It was not known as 'dark mode' then. 'Burning images' was an issue with the early examples of CRT monitors. This is why the very early monitors had a black display with green characters. Some serious Matrix and Keanu Reeve vibes.

The idea of a white display was in some sense related to our relationship with paper. For ages we had been writing on paper, expressing information on paper. So it was only natural that we had a similar way of expression on a digital screen. The limitation, then, was not our desire but technology itself. it was simply harder to read a light text on the dark background of the early displays.

Today with the advanced OLED displays and further accelerating technology, dark mode is not only possible, but it is something that is actively being implemented by various players in the market. Other game changers include YouTube, Meta, Google Google Chrome and quite frankly we could write an entire article of just the names of companies that use dark mode, and that will probably run up to more than 500 words.

There are 2 school of thoughts with dark mode. The supporters and the critics.

The supporters say that the images look better. The colors pop out better. What's more, with new OLED displays, dark modes actually offer a better battery performance. eye strain is reduced especially when viewing under low-light conditions.

The critics say that the readability of texts is affected/ on dark backgrounds as black text on white is allegedly the best option.

LinkedIn, the platform you are using to read this piece has also implemented dark mode as an option and they have done it really well. we urge you to try it, a 99% guarantee you will love it. 99% because we live in a world of caveats.

With advancing technology, these little nitty-gritty's are going to be eliminated soon. We could also see a clear and distinct line of difference between usability and suitability of light and dark modes.