Oct 7, 2021
Control is why businesses go D2C

When you really want to talk directly to your customer

Biju Chandran

The last decade in India normalised online shopping with powerful distributors like Flipkart & Amazon.

Today the direct-to-consumer(D2C) brands are turning the retail world upside down. A D2C business sells its products under its own brand directly to the final users on the internet without the need of an intermediary.

Why are businesses going D2C?

In one word, Control.

The war is on for customer retention and going D2C gives them a vantage point. They are able to create a strong brand culture, by delivering their ethos directly to their users using innovative marketing strategies.

Their message is not lost amongst all the noise on a distributor portal. Collecting quick, accurate & unadulterated feedback about their range of products straight from their users becomes much more simpler, allowing them to improvise rapidly and thereby achieving the product-market fit early.

How a mobile app can help a D2C business?

1. Audience - Millennials are their biggest customers & ambassadors. Statistics clearly say that this audience is using their mobile devices to do their shopping. D2C's main acquisition channel is social media, which is accessed mainly via. apps.

2. Experience - D2C gives their customers an opportunity to purchase an experience rather than just a product. A fast app & a seamless checkout, provides a great shopping experience to the clients.

3. Conversion - Mobile checkout converts more leads into paying customers. Mobile ads have lower rates than desktop and better conversion rate. Push notifications help bring down cart abandonment by nudging users of the items they recently viewed.

4. Innovation - D2C brands are looking for innovative ways to displace the big players. Using technology like Augmented Reality(AR), the customers can virtually try the product from their mobile app before making a purchasing decision.

The D2C businesses are pushing boundaries and leading the next evolution of retail. We are proud to have been associated with a couple of these innovators.