Sep 27, 2022
Continuous Learning Initiative Policy

The learning can't stop, shouldn't stop and won't stop

Husain Rokadia
HR Business Partner


The Continuous Learning Initiative (CLI) is a reinforcement to the core belief of Binaryveda that personal & professional growth and development can be achieved only through continuous learning and implementation of that learning in our day to day lives.

With this view, the CLI aims to facilitate this belief further by removing the entry barriers to learning as well as motivate and incentivize Binaryveda members to re-skill & up-skill themselves.


Through CLI, the goal is to enhance our self-directed learning capability in every member of the Binaryveda team. Self-directed learning is a process where individuals take primary charge of planning, continuing and evaluating their learning experiences (Merriam et al., 2007). In self-directed learning, the responsibility to learn shifts from an external source (teacher, etc.) to the individual.

Empirical research, it is observed that self-directed learning has far more benefits than the traditional format of classroom instruction. Self-directed learners demonstrate a greater awareness of their responsibility in making learning meaningful and monitoring themselves (Garrison, 1997). They are curious and willing to try new things(Lyman, 1997), view problems as challenges, desire change, and enjoy learning (Taylor, 1995). Taylor also found them to be motivated and persistent, independent, self-disciplined, self-confident and goal-oriented.


The CLI identifies 3 main avenues to facilitate learning and up-skilling viz. eCourses, Books and Certifications. The following provisions have been decided keeping in mind the nature of our industry, our work pattern, culture and overall demographic. Following are the provisions under each avenue:

1. Online courses: Up to 4 e-courses on any learning platform up to INR 750/- each, per year. Can be consumed once every 3 months. Courses above INR 750/- will be approved on a case-to-case basis. Members may choose from a curated list of courses or make a choice of their own. Incase of a course that allows sharing between members, special consideration may be made if the cost exceed INR 750/-.

2. Books: Up to 4 books (ebooks or paper-based) up to INR 750/- each, per year. Can be consumed once every 3 months. Books above INR 750/- will be approved on a case-to-case basis.

3. Professional Certifications: Employees may identify relevant professional certifications that will add value to the overall role of the members. Case-to-case based decisions will be taken on the approval of the advance amount for the certification. An incentive may be attached to such a certification with a caveat to clear the examination within a stipulated period of time. Also, based on the relevance & depth of the certification, members may receive a learning grant/advance to procure the study material.