Apr 25, 2023
ClickHouse - Data Warehouse on Steroids

A powerhouse data warehouse offering unrivalled speed for your big data analytics needs

Yogesh Jadhav
Director of Engineering

As a citizen of the digital realm, I have been amazed by the humongous amount of data that platforms manage, yet still respond to queries in a matter of seconds. This sparked my curiosity to find out what was going on behind the scenes and how these platforms managed to scan through billions and trillions of information sets and still be performant. In my search, I came across a tool called ClickHouse that caught my attention, and I wanted to validate its effectiveness in the real world.

What is ClickHouse?
ClickHouse stores data in a column format instead of the traditional row format used by most relational databases. This allows for optimized I/O operations that load only relevant data and can return results in a matter of seconds, even for seemingly complex queries. ClickHouse also uses tuned compression algorithms to make data storage more efficient, allowing for the organization of terabytes and petabytes of information.

ClickHouse in Action
To validate ClickHouse's effectiveness, I looked at some of its real-world use cases. Microsoft Clarity, Microsoft Titan, Yandex, Ahref, Tesla, Splunk, Spotify, Uber, and Vercel all use ClickHouse to manage and analyze their data. These companies handle massive amounts of data, and ClickHouse has helped them achieve fast query response times, enabling them to make data-driven decisions quickly.

How ClickHouse Works
ClickHouse's columnar storage allows it to scan and load only relevant data, reducing the number of storage blocks that need to be loaded. This results in faster query response times and more efficient use of storage space. The optimized compression algorithms used by ClickHouse further enhance its efficiency by reducing the amount of disk space required to store data. Additionally, ClickHouse's distributed architecture allows for scalability, making it easy to add nodes to the cluster to accommodate growing data needs.

ClickHouse is revolutionizing data storage and querying with its columnar data warehouse architecture. Its optimized I/O operations, efficient storage space usage, and distributed architecture make it a powerful tool for managing and analyzing large amounts of data. With its real-world use cases in companies such as Microsoft, Tesla, and Uber, ClickHouse has proven its effectiveness in handling massive amounts of data and providing fast query response times.